Settle to Carlisle Railway

When people travel in trains, they hardly give a thought to what they see outside the train. However, people who choose Settle to Carlisle railway will definitely be mesmerized by the beauty of travelling through the countryside and will cherish the memories for a very long time.

About The Settle to Carlisle Railway

The railway line is 73 mile long and was constructed back in 1870s. This line runs from the Yorkshire Dales region up to Carlisle which is located very close to the Scotland-England border.

The entire line is dotted with some of the most picturesque landscapes and the scenic extravaganza is known to leave people gasping for breath. Such is the popularity of Settle to Carlisle railway that a documentary was released about this railway line and was titled “Steam on the Settle and Carlisle”.

The Two Beautiful Cities

If you are planning to travel to any of these two cities, a little background information about the cities will definitely help you in exploring the place to the fullest.

The Scenic Beauty of Settle

Located in the Craven district of North Yorkshire, Settle is an extremely small market town. The beauty of this rustic village is inexplicable as every time you behold the tiny mountains, the little buildings and the vast expanse of natural beauty, you are bound to be captivated in its enthralling hold. There are caves where prehistoric remains have been traced and it is the Victoria cave that seems to enjoy a noteworthy mention.

The Charm of Carlisle

Located at the confluences of three rivers, Carlisle is perhaps one of those places that redefine the meaning of beauty. It was once a Roman settlement; however, you can find the touches of old British style in this place. This place enjoys a rich cultural history and it was once a strategic location for military needs.

What Makes Settle to Carlisle Railway a “Must Enjoy” Experience?

Those who have travelled in Settle to Carlisle railway may end up telling you that it is a “once in a lifetime” experience which every individual should feel at least once in their life. They are not exaggerating the facts because the bliss of watching some of the most beautiful sceneries while commuting from one place to another is unmatched.

The journey takes you through the ups and downs of the hills as you will climb towering mountains and then ultimately descend down the slopes. The sight of river Eden and the rumbling symphony of the flowing water is a tune that will set your heart into motion.

All those who have a flair for witnessing the picturesque brilliance of nature would love the rails. On various occasions, special services are run in this railway line. The notable ones among them are jazz trains with live music and even stream excursions as well.

Without any doubt, the pleasure of using this railway line is one of those experiences which you will never forget. It offers an eclectic blend of stunning and gorgeous views of landscapes and top notch services. Both the towns have their own aura and this connecting railway line makes it easier for you to explore their serenity.